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Rights Capital is the result of the brainstorming between two passionate, visionary individuals of the massive, dynamic developments taking place in an increasingly rapidly expanding commercial trading in creative products and services


Rights Capital seeks to become the world's largest intellectual property management company, launched from the United Arab Emirates

Globalization and the rapid development of the use of information and communication technology have created a wide field  for creative products that lack a comprehensive overall understanding, working with different opportunities and market context for regulation of intellectual property according to IP economic benefits, hence the idea of ​​establishing Rights Capital came to life


Rights Capital is the first intellectual property management company in the Middle East, which came to meet the needs of the creative product's market by serving as a link between creators, authors, and users of creative products


Rights Capital consists of a specialized team of consultants and experts with extensive knowledge of global intellectual property laws, technology, and economics, in addition to their full awareness of the mechanisms and market needs of innovative products

The world around us is filling with art and creativity everywhere and in all its forms, there is no limit to what the creator can offer to the world

It is proven that the creator and the innovator stumble in finding outlets for the public to benefit from their creativity and innovations.


What we strive to achieve is to create the largest global platform that attracts creators, innovators and beneficiaries, enabling the world to benefit from their creations and innovations for the benefit of the creator, beneficiary, and society as a whole



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Investing in human resources, research and development always makes us the best

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Having knowledge at the right time is having the ability to stand out, advance, and gain competitive advantages

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Transparency is our strength

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Trust, credibility, cooperation, and solidarity give us the ability to create successful and fruitful partnerships

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