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Intellectual Property Consulting  

We specialize in intellectual property, we have a global team of consultants and experts in intellectual property and all topics related to intellectual property

The production of creative goods and services has witnessed tremendous growth in the Middle East, and we have witnessed an increase in the ability of the individual to creativity and innovation, and we are happy that creators, innovators, and rights holders benefit from our cumulative experience of more than thirty years in the field of intellectual property consultancy and services

We are making a difference by adopting policies that have become a reference in intellectual property issues, and we have many inspiring success stories that validate our reputation for solving intellectual property problems in no time

In many cases, smart negotiations and understandings are successful and beneficial to the parties to the conflict, to achieve financial and moral gains for the parties to the conflict, we have the ability to negotiate intellectual property disputes


We have a network of relationships at the international level in all countries of the world with sister institutions with the best experts and specialists in the field of intellectual property


Drawing on a Board




Writing on Glass



TRADEMArk services

Trademark or trade name is a feature that distinguishes the services and products offered by companies, and therefore its importance lies in being an identification card for the company. It is important to differentiate the brand as it increases the spread of the reputation and trust between the company and its customers which leads to higher market value

  • Examination of the possibility of registering trademarks.

  • Litigation for trademark infringement.

  • Registering trademarks at the local, regional and international levels.

  • Drafting, reviewing, and auditing trademark licenses.

  • Creating opportunities for availability and diffusion of brands through media integration


Copyright services

Copyright is a term describing the exclusive rights granted by law to creators over the artistic and literary works that they create.


Copyright and related rights encompass a wide range of works, whatever their form or mode of expression, including, for example, books, computer programs, databases, paintings, films, music, radio and television programs, advertisements, geographical maps, artistic graphics, and video clips made available through Social media, animation, newspapers, smartphone apps, plays, poems, photographs, architecture, geographical maps, video games, creatives.


• Drafting, reviewing, and auditing licenses for copyright and related rights (software - databases - movies - series - musical works - sound recordings - television and radio programs).

• Prosecution of violations of copyright and neighboring rights in all its forms and types and methods of violation.

• Take the necessary administrative measures to preserve copyright and related rights.

• Providing technical and legal advice to owners of copyright and related rights.

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